Alison Rides The Rapids by Nina Alexander

Alison Rides The Rapids (Magic Attic Club)Alison Rides The Rapids by Nina Alexander

My rating: ★★★☆☆

It’s clear from the first few pages of this that the new author doesn’t know a thing about these characters and their backgrounds. Take this exchange, for instance:

Her friends laughed.
“That’s true,” Keisha said…”Ali is the only one of us who wasn’t afraid to jump off the high board at the swimming pool when we were all in first grade, remember?”

Uh, no, actually. Two of the people you’re talking to just met you within the last year, remember? And, you know, that’s been a major plot point in many of the books?

I do hate to break it to you, Ms. Alexander, but you have to actually read the previous books when you start writing for a popular series, m’kay?

The actual plot of the book is fairly interesting, however, so it’s a shame that the author’s obvious lacks of interest in and familiarity with the series nearly ruined my enjoyment of it.


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