[Movie Review] Insidious

Insidious is paranormal horror done right. A modern Poltergeist meets Paranormal Activity, the movie focuses on a family besieged by ghouls and demons who must get their son back from the dark realm known as the Further.

After Josh, Renai, and their kids–Dalton, Foster, and Cali–move into a new home, Dalton falls into a mysterious coma after a fall off a ladder. Doctors can’t find a cause for the boy’s condition, and the family, especially Renai, soon starts to suffer terrifying experiences in the house. As they slowly reach the point of despair, the Lambert family shatters a horror movie cliche and tries to move away from their seemingly haunted house. And yet the horror continues.

As the Lambert family’s story unfolds, Insidious takes advantage of modern horror cliches to craft a genuinely creepy movie. While Paranormal Activity might leave you hanging with its invisible demon, Insidious delivers a collection of seriously unsettling ghosts–particularly the “Doll Girls”–and actually lets you see its demonic Big Bad.

If you absolutely hate jump scares and scare chords, you might want to give this one a pass; however, I felt that in this case, both worked with the atmosphere of the movie. I highly recommend giving Insidious a try this Halloween.


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