[Book Review] Berenstains’ A Book by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Berenstains’ A Book asks the tough questions in life: Why do angry ants advance across an apple, an acorn, an apricot, an ax, an angleworm, an alligator, Aunt Alice’s airplane, Avenue A, ape’s apartments, and all Arizona? Here’s a hint: it’s another “a” word!

Essentially, the idea of the A Book is to familiarize your child with the letter A by repeating words that start with “a” until the letter is thoroughly bashed into his or her brain. All but two words of this story–“why” and “do”–begin with A.

It’s ideal for children who are only just being introduced to the alphabet, and the Berenstains’ other two letter books–The Berenstain’s B Book and The Berenstains’ C Book (aka C is for Clown)–would be great complements.

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