[Book Review] Arthur’s Perfect Christmas by Marc Brown

While at first Arthur thought it was going to be a perfect Christmas, he’s not so sure anymore. It hasn’t snowed, the tree is decorated with trolls and unicorns, Dad decides to make an authentic “ancient” Christmas dinner, and Arthur accidentally breaks his gift for Mom. While Francine happily celebrates Hanukkah, Brian prepares for Kwanzaa, and Buster tries to find a holiday of his own, Arthur starts to think he’ll have a terrible Christmas–until an unexpected guest changes everything.

Arthur’s Perfect Christmas is an endearing picture book, and I highly recommend it for Christmas reading. It teaches a great lesson–don’t stress out about having the “perfect” holiday–features alternative holidays to Christmas, and just has the general charm of Arthur.

In the story, Arthur wants to have the perfect Christmas, but everything seems to be going wrong (per the blurb). Meanwhile, Muffy and Francine are having a fight over Francine’s priorities during the holidays, as Francine will be celebrating Hanukkah during Muffy’s Christmas party. Also meanwhile, Buster is having a crisis of his own: his mother’s been frantic about Christmas since her divorce from Buster’s father, so Buster’s pulling away from the idea of Christmas altogether until Brain, who celebrates Kwanzaa, gives Buster the idea of creating his own alternative holiday.

It’s really a darling story, and I definitely do recommend it. And if you can’t get your hands on a copy of this, there’s an hour-long special of the Arthur television show that expands upon the book’s plot line. It’s also titled Arthur’s Perfect Christmas and can be purchased from PBS here.

And I’m sure it’s YouTube and/or other video streaming services… but you didn’t hear that from me.

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