[Book Review] Thomas and the Treasure and Other Stories

Thomas and the Treasure and Other Stories contains three Thomas the Tank Engine stories.

A train can’t find treasure, right? Wrong, apparently. In Thomas and the Treasure, Thomas follows the clues to a lost pirate treasure. It’s a bit ridiculous, but probably fun for young children.

In Duncan’s Bluff, a rivalry between two trains causes Duncan to tell a lie that leaves James, the other train, stranded on the tracks. It’s definitely not the best “don’t lie” moral I’ve ever seen, but it’s not the worst, either.

The third, final, and most interesting story of the book, Seeing the Sights, has another rivalry, this time between Thomas and Gordon, which leads Thomas to bungle his job in a misguided attempt to prove himself. When Gordon points out his folly, Thomas attempts to rectify his mistake and ends up treating his passengers to a day at the beach. Because reasons.

While not fascinating by any stretch of the imagination, Thomas and the Treasure and Other Stories should be an entertaining book for beginning readers.

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