[Audiobook Review] A to Z Mysteries Volume 2: D-G

The A to Z Mysteries series is written by Ron Roy; this audiobook is narrated by David Pittu and contains The Deadly Dungeon (review), The Empty Envelope (review), The Falcon’s Feathers (review), and The Goose’s Gold (review).

I’ll be honest: I’m not an audiobook person. Every now and then, I sit down and try one, and it rarely goes well. For me, visual input is a lot more attention-grabbing than sound, so I tend to get distracted easily while listening to audiobooks. I’ll be paying attention one minute, and then suddenly it’s five minutes later, and I’ll realize I’ve just been daydreaming about something else entirely, completely ignoring the book.

To make matters worse, I read much faster than any audiobook narrator I’ve ever come across, which makes any attempt at using the text to keep me on track an exercise in anger management rather than entertainment.

But you know what? This one, a four book/cassette set, worked for me, and I think I know why.

I read a lot of children’s books (as anyone who’s even glanced at my blog or my Goodreads/Booklikes/Leafmarks shelves can tell. But they’re often such ludicrously quick reads that they barely feel like “actual” reading at all. And while I find the slow pace of an audiobook tedious and distracting when it comes to adult-length novels, I’ve found that it really adds something to these short chapter books. It draws the story out and gives me a chance to linger over the plot as I used to when I was part of the target audience; I think it’s about as close as I can get to experiencing it the way a child (or beginning reader) might, and that’s a pretty fascinating–not to mention fun–experience.

I think going forward, I’m definitely going to consider listening to more children’s audiobooks in the future.
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