[Book Review] Fern The Green Fairy (Rainbow Fairies, #4) by Daisy Meadows

Follow a fairy to the end of the rainbow!

Fern the Green Fairy is lost in a leafy hollow. Can Rachel and Kirsty solve the secret of the garden and save her?

There’s a fairy to be found in every Rainbow Magic book–collect them all and bring the sparkle back to fairyland!

Fern the Green Fairy is the fourth book of the Rainbow Fairies series that started the massive (and ongoing?) Rainbow Magic series of fairy books. So far, each book has been slightly less than seventy pages, so they’re extremely quick reads without too much meat to the plot. But the plots are getting steadily more eventful, if only by a small margin with each passing book. The minor villains have become an active presence in the series (if not an intimidating one), and a cast of recurring minor characters–the fairies themselves, Betram the frog, Queenie the bee, and now Fluffy the frog–is being built up.

It’s not the most fascinating thing by far, but it should definitely amuse a young child just getting into chapter books; I highly recommend it to any youngsters–male or female–with an affinity for fairies and other traditionally “girly” elements (cute critters with names like “Fluffy”, sisterhood and friendship themes, etcetera).

I’ll definitely be reading at least a few more of these, as I’d like to see how Meadows (well, the author[s] behind the pseudonym) transition from the Rainbow Fairies arc to the Weather Fairies arc.

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